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Cutest thing in York, England

York might be the cutest city in England! It is a touristic city with rich history that is very well preserved. You can walk around York numerous times and still discover something new about it!

Picture from: A Quirky Kook

If you have been there already, you might or might not have seen the cutest thing there: the cat statues!

They are all over the city centre, and you can even follow a trail of York’s cat statues.

According to York Lucky Cat, the statues were used to keep away the mice attracted by the river Ouse. Also, they are credited for giving the people good luck!

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 19.10.20.png
York Lucky Cat’s map

So, there is nothing to lose, only lots of fun and maybe some luck to gain! Oh, and it is for free!

There are 22 cat statues around the old York centre that you can find using this map – you can also find the map in some stores around the city.

Even without doing the trail I have found a couple cat statues myself. For that, I know that the best way to get to know the city is by foot! So step out of that bus, and get walking!

The city centre is not that big and full of beauties!


Pictures: York Minster and the wall, York Minster, Kings square, Shambles.

While you look up to the sky searching for the cats on the trail, remember also to look down and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of this city! Afterwards, come back and tell me how many cats you could find… 😉


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