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How to make use of those cheap motivational sentences

‘Trust yourself’, what does this even mean?

Simple ways to capture what they mean with ‘trust yourself’ and ‘follow your heart’.

I was tired of reading those thousand motivational sites saying basically the same things, ‘trust yourself’, ‘live your dream’, ‘follow your heart’…

Yes, of course I follow my heart, what does this even mean? Who doesn’t?

Let’s see what this is about:

Follow your heart is something like follow your passions, do what you wanna do, what you like, what gives you energy for life, right?

In this sense, everyone should be the expression of their own selves instead of fitting to what is expected from us.

But ‘follow your heart’ doesn’t mean only ‘do what you wanna do’. It means being responsible and taking the consequences of you decisions. What is that?

This is, for example, let’s assume you wanna have ice cream.

Get used to ask yourself: – why do I want that?

Because I wanna feel the cold taste of strawberry in my mouth? Might be. – You want pleasure -.

Ok, this might start looking a little boring now, but stick with me, there is bright conclusion in the end. I promise!

So, Could it be that it’s because I just want to forget all the problems that are bothering me? Maybe. – You need escaping -.

Each answer gives you an information about your emotional state (For now it doesn’t really matter what the answer is because these are topics for deeper analysis).

Now, this is the responsibility part:

The immediate right thing to do in any of this cases is estimating what might be the consequences of your action(s) and what is involved on that.

And in this case, it involves answering to questions like:

Do I have space in my stomach for putting an ice cream there?

If not, what will be the bad consequences? An afterwards: ‘Awn, I’m so full!’

Can I take these consequences? (and be fine with that?)

And this is where we come to the ‘trust yourself’ part:

What does ‘trust yourself’ mean?

It means that you are the standard for what is correct in these cases. Don’t be afraid of having to justify yourself for how you feel or anything like that, like, why you made a given decision. You don’t own anything to anyone when it comes to making up your mind about something. 

Other than that, here are some tips:

  • Do not over analyze your answers. You can get lost in your own thoughts, and get to the point that you don’t have any grounds for decision making any more.
  • Do not imagine what would a certain person (your best friend, your mom, you dad) do in this case if you cannot take a decision. This might even work in some situations, but it makes you lose the focus on yourself and find the answer somewhere else. The aim is that you can make your own decisions based on your own experiences, feelings and judgements.

If you cannot find the answer(s), give yourself some time. You don’t have to make a decision right away. We have better experiences when we are confident about our decisions. The ice cream can wait.

All the best for today,



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