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Why Yoga?

People say yoga is good, but I’ve never had the patience (or courage) to do it, until…


You might feel that there is this hight standard aura surrounding the word ‘Yoga’.

sapo-yoga2We have that picture of the perfect body doing this incredibly hard pose, in that breath taking landscape. We immediately bring ourselves to earth when we imagine we are not able to find balance, even standing on one foot.

Why is it so hard to take part on this practice?

Exactly because our idea of Yoga is either that it’s something boring or that it is something unachievable.

Then Beatrice told me about Yoga with Adriane. Her moto: Find what feels good. Isn’t that great?

This is her page: screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-4-00-33-pm

And she has a youtube channel full of videos of great Yoga practices.

Adrian is cute, the videos have a very light atmosphere and she is also very fun.

You can find your balance with very short videos – no big commitments necessary – and a very nice feeling of accomplishment comes in the end!

Then, you can go for the 20 min ones, and then, there are the 30 min ones, and so on. You set your time and pace, and what is better: you also set the topic! From bed time or blood flow, to anxiety and winter blues,  or even for back pain and weight loss. It’s all in there!

As she says, I little goes a looong way! 😉


Lemonades approval! 


  • It is cheaper than in a studio. You can do it for free on her youtube channel (or subscribe for more options). You can start it at any time of the day, there are no appointments, no driving or commuting to get to the studio and no pressure.


  • You can do it on your own rhythm, there is no need to follow anyone or keep up with the class. No need to push or to compare yourself with anyone else. You can also pause the video at any moment and just take your time.

Tip: Don’t go for the revolution series if you are a beginner. That’s a little challenging. Be careful also to look yourself in the mirror sometimes and don’t push yourself to make a pose that doesn’t come easily, so you don’t hurt yourself. But, other then that, you can dive in!

Let us know about your experience. All the best wishes!



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