Do it for yourself

Get your motivation back in 3 steps

You don’t need to be an adult to have responsibilities. After all, responsibility means to be in charge of making something happen (sometimes we don’t actually have to make it happen).

But if we can make something that we really want happen, how do we keep the motivation to do so?

Okay. Let me give you an example to make it clearer.

Two and a half weeks ago, I’ve got the information that I have been accepted to the second phase (of three) of my application to a very competitive masters programme. You should know that I am not the most optimistic person in relation to myself. And against all my beliefs, I did go through the first phase. It was such great news, wasn’t it? But, that also meant I had a BIG exam to deal with, and that I had only two and a half weeks for studying the content I learnt during my whole Bachelor.

First, I freaked out! It was a huge responsibility. But it was my responsibility, my choice to make it happen or not.

That is what we need to realise: if we don’t accomplish something, the world won’t end (well it depends on how influential you are, but mostly this is true).

So the only thing we can do is to give our best.

Oh, but after sometime, giving your best start to be exhausting, and you just can’t focus anymore.

So here are the 3 steps for you to get your motivation back:



Yes, I know. It goes against your plan of getting that master’s spot. You think you don’t have the time to rest. But if your motivation and efficiency are low, it might do well for you to take a break.

Taking the time to rest your mind and body is very important. Do something you enjoy doing; like watch that series on Netflix, have some ice-cream, or read a really good blog like this one. 😉

This break will probably give your mind time to process all the new stuff you’ve been working on. Processing is as important as learning new information. That is when you really get to understand it.



I know you want to get back to work. But thinking about what you did so far, besides settling it in your mind, it also makes you realise how far you’ve gone and how much you are capable of achieving.

We don’t spend much time analysing how far we have gone in our lives. We spend more time thinking on where we want to get – which is good too. But analysing our steps, and our own growth gives us the hope that we are capable of achieving greater things than we ever imagined we could.

This thought provides you with the motivation to continue giving your best, because you know it will always be positive, no matter the result.




You might have lost your motivation because your initial plan demanded too much from you. After you rested and analysed what you have done, you now have the clarity in your mind to make a more realistic plan.

Don’t plan to do more than you are capable of. Set priorities. Set breaks. And go back to work.

When you do your best, nothing can go wrong. You will always gain something from it. And if it doesn’t work this time, you try again next time. You are gaining experience.

My test didn’t go as well as I wanted. But I did my best, and I learnt so many new things. It gave me the motivation to continue on this path of my career, because that is what I love learning about.  Imagine if I haven’t tried, how ignorant I would be?! 😉

Good luck on your journey!


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