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Quick and Creative Homecooking

We all have put in our New Year’s resolution to eat more quality food. Problem? It is so difficult to find exciting and easy recipes that actually work!

That is exactly why I need to share with you this youtube channel: Donal Skehan!

He is a full of energy Irish chef, youtuber, food writer, tv presenter and probably so many other things! His youtube channel is perfectly organized with short videos of 5-10 minutes.

There, among other things, you can find recipes for: an alternative breakfast, a quick lunch, a dinner party and the best part: deserts! Also, he has a website with all the information you need to reproduce exactly the recipe you choose.

What makes him stand out is his quick and easy way of cooking, together with creative and exciting recipes. As a desert lover, my ultimate recipe is the Nutella Cheesecake Bars. I have done it already and it is my favourite desert!

Nutella Cheesecake Bars:

Although, that might not be healthiest choice – there are also healthy recepies -, you should definetly try these bars someday.

The sweeteness is just right, and it is simpler to cook than it looks like!

It can be simpler than the video shows: the utensils I used were a rolling pin to crush the biscuits and a whisker to blend the ingredients together.

Now you have no excuse to keep repeating the same lame old meals from last year!

There’s a new video every week on his channel, so enjoy it and let me know what is your favourite one!


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