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Cutest thing in Berlin



Some might think that the cutest things in Berlin are the Bears!


But, no!

 It’s a Tiger!!


– Just kidding! –

It’s the Tiger Törtchen 😉

What is that?

This is the cutest cafe that you can ever imagine. It is a cozy little place next to an old and picturesque church (Nicolaikirche) in a square full of trees.




The way is on paving stone and there are seats on the sidewalk. It is so nice and romantic!

But the best part is not the scenario, or the coffee or even the cozy place.

The best part is that they have… wait for it…

Cute little cupcakes!!  And cake-pops!




I had the biggest ‘cuteness crises’ when I saw the cake-pops and I was very surprised about how good they taste! – Because sometimes thinks only look good -.

So, first, I tried a salty cupcake, Gemüse Walnuss, that despite the size, I considered my meal.

After that, ready for desert, I had a very nice Latte and those four flavors that you can see on this picture:




The one with the walnut is the Birne-Nuss, the one on its right is the Cookie-Dough and the one at the bottom is the Dark-Brownie. You can find them on their menu.

I liked very much the Cookie-Dough. I found the taste very balanced and the texture very pleasant!

But, my favorite was really the ‘green little guy’ there! It’s chocolate inside!! Cuteness, taste and texture at its best!

When you visit the cafe don’t expect to find all the flavors of the menu, though. As they are a small local business, I think they can’t offer all of them at once. But this only gives you a reason to come back further times to check up the flavors that were not available on the first time!

Here are some instructions on how to get there:

Tigertörtchen Berlin Cupcakes
Spandauer Str. 25

Berlin, 10178


They open daily, except on Wednesdays, from 11am to 6 pm.
You can check this information on their website before you visit.
Phone: 030-67969051
The closet station is the Klosterstraβe, on the u2 (orange) line. It’s only one station from Alexander Platz and if you are exploring by feet, it’s not so far!

Ah, when you go there, take some time to walk around the church and you will find the second cutest thing in Berlin!  😉       ⇒



All the best,


PS. Pics for Pinterest:

cutest thing in Berlin2the cutest thing in Berlin



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