Long Distance Relationship: Is it going to work?

I have been in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) for more than a year now! Since the beginning, I have questioned myself a thousand times. I don’t know the exact number of months we are apart, but I can tell you that counting the days won’t help. I apologise to the mathematicians, but time slows down when you start counting!

But you came here looking for an answer to the question: Is my LDR gonna work?

I am sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t have the answer. But wait. Don’t go yet! Although I can’t give you an answer, I might help you to get a clearer view on your relationship!


I don’t know how your relationship is, if you knew your partner way before this long distance relationship started. Maybe you didn’t know him/her before, maybe you met him/her online! There isn’t a formula that covers all the possibilities, and that is the first point:

1. Each relationship is unique.

In the beggining of your LDR you will have friends and family giving you “great” relationship advices.


They will tell you stories about people they know that the LDR didn’t work. It doesn’t matter! Your relationship is unique, because it involves two unique people (or more, if its not a monogamous relationship 😉 ).

So the only two people that will understand what happens in your relationship are you and your partner.

That leads us to the next point, the question:

2. Why am I dating this person?

Your family and friends again might ask: “Why don’t you date someone that lives closer to you?”


What you should actually ask yourself is: “Why is this relationship worth it?”

If you are in a LDR, you have chosen to be in it. Therefore, you should know exactly why you wanna be with this person.

It is okay to ask yourself that. It is actually good to know why this person is so important to you. Because when things get ugly, you know in your heart that you will be okay.

3. Making it work is up to you!

Finally, I can’t tell you if it will have a happy ending. It might. It might not.

But it is up to you to give it a try. It is up to you to think if it is worth the effort. And I can tell you that you will need a lot of effort to make it thrive– as in any relationship!

As soon as you realise this is only up to the two of you to make it succeed, everything will be fine!


So, don’t you run away from something it is unknown because of fear, or because of others experiences, or because of naysayers. If there’s something beautiful that you can choose to live… Just live it!

This is the old same LDR famous quote:

“Distance means so little when someone means so much!”

Ps. You are not alone in this. Just in case you didn’t google it yet, there are numerous articles about LDR… Now you can tell your family that there are lots of happy cases too. 😉


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