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3 Ultimate places for food in York, England

Every time I travel, I find very difficult to find quality places to eat with a fare price on my route.

York is a beautiful touristic city full of “hidden gems” perfect for a relaxing couple of days trip.

On a perfect day, my favourite things to do in York are:

  • Go for a walk around the city centre between the allays and find new paths;
  • Look for cat statues while enjoying the old sceneries;
  • Enjoy the sun at the Museum gardens;
  • Play (cricket or other games) at the gardens of the Treasure’s House;
  • And enjoy the view of the York Mister while walking on the city walls.

These are all free activities and there are many more that you can find at this website. Most of them are within the city walls.


Therefore, I have chosen my three favourite places within the city walls to have great meals while enjoying all those activities:

1. Mannion & Co

I will assume you will arrive in York by the morning, then you want to have a nice brunch. This in the place!

Image: Mannion & Co

It is a small café and delicatessen of, as they say: “French and Italian cuisine with the best that Yorkshire has to offer”. They have very good quality sandwiches, coffee and tea selection. The shared plates are also very good and perfect if you are in a big group!

Their sandwiches menu is written on the boards at the wall, and in their beverages menu you can find a good selection of hot drinks. I recommend the cappuccino, the vanilla chai with milk and the scones!! The sandwiches are all very good, and depending on the deli selection available on the day the menu will vary.

It is perfect to start your day! And if its a nice sunny day you can seat on their courtyard with the view of the Minster!

TIP#1 Because it is a small place (like any other in York), it might have a queue. So if you are in a big group it might take some time. But most of the times, if you are a group of 2-4 people you will have to wait around 15 minutes at the queue!

It is totally worth it, though! But it is good to keep in mind that there might be a waiting time when planning your trip!

Mannion & Co is located right around the corner from the Mister!

Image: Google maps

Address: 1 Blake Street

Image: Mannion & Co

YO1 7DY York

Phone: +44 1904 631030

It is open:

  • Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm
  • Saturday: 9am-5:30 pm
  • Sunday: 10 am-4:30 pm

You can also find them on Facebook!

2. Burr café and food bar

I imagine you are discovering the city and at some point you feel like you need a boost. This is my favourite coffee place in York! And that is a huge deal, being that York is known for its coffee culture! Of course there are the several tearooms, but as a Brazilian I really need a good coffee (and desert) after lunch!

Burr is (again) a small place where you can find a salad buffet, some nice sandwiches, but most importantly: great coffee and deserts!

Image: Burr cafe and food bar

My favourite hot drink is their mocha, which is a cappuccino with REAL chocolate! You can even choose if you want white, milk or dark chocolate in your mocha/hot chocolate! The cakes are all so beautiful and tasty, I feel in love for the raspberry and coconut one, you should try it!

They are an independent coffee in a perfect location. But it is quite a small place as well. So I advice you to order your coffee and cake to go and eat it at the Museum gardens on the right!

TIP #2 Whenever you go out and enjoy the sun or stay inside hiding from the rain you should always order at the counter! Eating inside might have a small fee. Normally, in cities that the place is limited they offer this deal that if you buy something “to go” you don’t pay that fee!

Image Google maps

Address: 5 Lendal, York

Phone: +44 1904 644410

They are open:

  • Mon-Sat: 8am – 5pm
  • Sunday: 9:30am – 4pm

You can find them on Facebook!

3. Little Italy

If by the end of the day you want to have a proper meal (or at lunch in the end of the week), Little Italy is my top choice!


As you can imagine, it is an italian restaurant with really good quality meals. They offer from starters to main course and side dishes, like a proper italian restaurant! The prices of a proper meal vary from 11 to 20 pounds, depending on your choice.

I have tried the pasta and the grilled dishes, and I can tell you they are really delicious! The pasta is fresh and the meat is really well done!

You also have the option of enjoying some treats from their deli. I recommend that you try their cannoli. It is my favourite treat!

You can check their menu online and the great thing is: you can reserve a table in advance, so there is less waiting and more eating!

They are located between the Minster and Monk Bar.

Image: Google maps

Address: 12 Goodramgate, York

Phone: +44 1904 62 35 39

The restaurant is open:

  • Mon-Thur: 5pm-10pm
  • Friday: 12am-2:30pm and 5pm-10pm
  • Sat-Sun: 12am-3pm and 5pm – 10pm

And the deli:

  • Mon-Sat: 10:30am-10pm
  • Sunday: 11:30am – 9pm

ATTENTION: The restaurant and the deli are closed on Wednesdays!

I hope I could help you solve this dilemma of finding where to eat in York. And I hope you enjoy your meals!

Let me know what you tried whenever you go to this places and how you liked it!


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