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The Cutest and most Colourful Baking

Since I was a kid I remember myself checking my aunt’s baking book with lots of photos from wonderful desserts! Unfortunately, everytime I decided to make something, the cooking went wrong… But that didn’t stop me from browsing baking recipes and tips.

I can tell you now – after lot’s of browsing and failed cooking – what is the important information a recipe must have so you can replicate it!

A friend told me about this Youtube channel that I loved:

Cupcake Jemma

The recipes on this channel have detailed information for you to bake without fear!

Image from Londontheinside

Jemma is an English chef who runs this adorable shop at London called Crumbs and Doiles (do check this amazing cakes!!!!). At her Youtube channel you can find baking recipes for the most beautiful, colourful and fun cakes, cupcakes, cookies, everything.

What makes her videos stand-out are the details of the instructions.

I find them very nice to watch – they are fast-pacing – and at the same time they provide good explanation for the recipes. The videos show every step of the process, with detailed images of: how the texture should be; how to add the ingredients (if all at once or in small portions); how to mix them (fast and brute or folding it); how to use the baking instruments, etc.

The ingredients are always on the description box of each video, so you don’t need to watch it entirely to find them. The ingredients quantities are normally in grams – which makes the recipe replication fail-safe!

Her chocolate chip cookies sold me out…

I have done this with my friend, and the best part is that you can make a big quantity at once and let the rest of the dough in the freezer to bake whenever you feel like.

She also has a book for those who like to keep the recipes in the old fashioned way – like me.

I hope now all of us not-so-great-bakers can cook successfully.

Have fun!!


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