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Meditation. How do they do it?

I’ve tried it a few times. I can assure you that meditation is the best thing to bring you back from dark, anxious, and depressive mental states and of overwhelming daily life problems.

The problem? It’s really hard to do it!


There are always so powerful problems and emotions in our minds that it’s almost impossible not to think about them. And also, the doubts about if we are doing it right can totally mess up with our attempts to meditate, I know.

Some meditation techniques involve imagining things, like focusing on white… like, just thinking of white and imagining yourself in a white background.

Others focus on bringing ourselves to different mental atmospheres, like when you imagine to be in a wonderful beach or on the mountains.


Others are about trying not to think of anything. This is so mysterious to me! I can’t imagine that one.

There are many online videos of guided meditation, but many of them are a little overstretching this ‘peace vibe’ in a way that they look a little fake. Others just don’t drive you there. Others are just so boring giving detailed instructions about posture and settings and everything, that it’s a little demotivating to keep investing time on those.

I happened to find this youtube channel. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.55.33 AM

This monk, Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu, has a series of videos. In this post I link the two first ones (below). These are the ones I liked most and that drove me to my first real meditation.

These videos have a very good balance considering the amount of information, the peace vibe – note the tone of his voice and the things he says -, and also, they drive you there to actual meditation. I found the technique very realistic and doable. Yuttadhammo also let’s you feel very comfortable and free about what to do and how do to it.

I think it’s the perfect combination between the proposal of meditating and the openness of a ‘do what feels good’ approach that I really value.

Check also this post on yoga for more ‘do what feels good’. 

Most importantly, I like very much the technique that he offers because I don’t have to try to force my mind out of the problems, I can do it with them. I think that this is the best way to do it.

Let’s get to the videos:

The first one is for understanding and the second one is the first practice. Each of them are about 10 min. long.

Take a look on them! I promise that these are gonna be valuable 20 min of your life.

For understanding:


The second one: first practice.




If you are a little skeptical like I am, and if you are not convinced about the benefits of meditation. Check this TedTalk.



All the best for today!

See you soon!



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