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5 empowering series to start watching now


My boyfriend always tells me that I am picky with series. I don’t think that this is true. I watch all kinds of shows with the condition that they offer me something.

I tend towards the ones that makes us reflect about our behaviour, and that the main character is a woman. Well, that is just my way of trying to understand myself through observing other’s behaviour.

The series I have selected are the ones that offered me some type of empowering, helping me throughout some difficult moments of my life, and I hope some of them can help you out too!

Check out this post for tips on empowering yourself.

1. Gilmore girls (2000-2007 and 2016)


This is an old comedy series that you might have watched during your teenage years, or not, like me. I didn’t like the idea of this show back then, and then a couple of years ago I started watching it and got addicted.

What is it about?

The Gilmore girls are the mother (Lorelai), daughter (Rory) and grandmother (Emily). They have a very peculiar relationship, mother and daughter being really close and the mother and grandmother having tons of conflicts. The story takes place in a small village – Stars Hollow- and it portrays mostly relationship matters.

Why is it empowering?

Both Lorelai, the mother, and Rory, the daughter, are really easy to like, but the most interesting part is the relationship of Lorelai with Emily, the grandmother. Lorelai is the personificatoin of empowerment. She is a single mother that builds her own life from nothing by herself. Emily, being the person “left behind” by her daughter, deals with the feeling of abandonment without loosing control.

The way they deal with feelings of the past makes us rethink how we deal with our own problems. The three of them are very strong women, and they don’t hold their thoughts back, neither let anyone tell them what to do. Well, I don’t think anyone would have the chance to say anything anyway, because they talk really fast! 😉

You might think the little stories are a bit too sugar-coated, and they are indeed. Some are not soo empowering. But this is a relaxing series to watch before bed.

2. Desperate housewives (2004-2012)


This is my show of the moment; I started watching a couple of months ago and am very much addicted.

What is it about?

It tells the story of four rich housewives (Susan, Lynette, Gabriele and Bree) that seem to have the life everyone wants to have, but what they also have is their own not-so-happy secrets. The name of the series doesn’t sound very appealing at all –at least to me-, but the stories are normally mysterious and somehow they are always involved in some new crime. So they are righteous to be desperate, and although they are the “wives”, I tell you they are the centres of this show.

Why is it empowering?

They just keep living their lives – this is resilience. The four of them go through a lot – maybe you want me to tell you now that they fight everything with swords and axes, but not all strong women fight like that. Although they go through huge problems, they continue living their lives and dealing with the next problem and so on.

Also, they have very different characters and make a lot of mistakes. However, you can relate yourself with bits and pieces of each of the four women. So, it is okay that we get desperate sometimes; horrible things happen to everyone and we survive.

Oh, Desperate housewives won numerous awards, including Emmy and Golden Globe!

3. Grey’s anatomy (2005)


If there is a perfect example of survival is Meredith Grey!

What is it about?

This is a medical series that takes place in a hospital in Seattle. So many things happen in this show, and when you think their lives are getting better, something happens and ruins everything all over again! Not only Meredith, but also their friends, are really strong and interesting to watch. My relationship with Meredith is of love and hate.

ATTENTION: As it is a medical series, there might be some strong scenes!!

Why is it empowering?

I watched Grey’s anatomy when I was cluttered of things to do in my life, but it showed me that my life wasn’t as problematic as I though. This thought made everyday life slightly better. It made me feel more in control of my own things! Also, the thought of ending up my day eating popcorn and watching Netflix was not bad at all! 😉

I can tell you this story grows every episode bigger and it’s really hard to stop watching it. Also, you will laugh and cry every single episode. Although that might not sound so good, both laughing and crying had a relaxing effect on me. Maybe you are not as sensitive as I am, and you think this is silly… Well, then move on to the next series.

4. The Crown (2016)


This is a recent Series from Netflix, still on-going!

What is it about?

It tells the story of the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Although the series starts when she is a young adult, there are some flashbacks to when she was a child and how she grew up. One can already imagine this is a drama, trust me; it is a very interesting one.

Why is it empowering?

Having the responsibility of this woman is something we, ordinary people, cannot imagine. What caught me, was that she took the throne when she was my age. The thought that she already had to deal with this huge responsibility gives me some inspiration to deal with my own not-so-huge responsibilities.

The series also shows how difficult it is for her to have a voice, and for her to understand that she cannot continue living the way she was, that freedom has a complete new meaning now.

We, fortunate ones, have the freedom to choose whatever we want to do with our own lives. And that makes us reflect on our simple, but happy life which we are the only ones in control.

5. The Goodwife (2009-2016)


What is it about?

This is far from being one of my favourite series, it has everything I dislike: lawyers, cheating and politicians. However, it has a differential, the main character is the woman whose husband was a state’s attorney that end up in jail for sex scandal (with someone else of course).

Why is it empowering?

While she has to go back to work and provide for her family, she also needs to deal with this drama on her own. She is a very strong person, and the series shows how difficult it is to move on and start something new after so many years playing the same role. But it is not impossible! It gives us the certainty that we just have to work hard and keep on believing; and everything will be alright.

This was never a relaxing series to me. It actually made me very angry, but it is a great drama with lots of twists and turns that may give you some hope after all.

In addition, The Goodwife is inspired in real life events, and won numerous tv awards!

This is a really short list of the series I have watched, however, they are all good series that made me more confident about life and relationships.

I hope this can inspire you somehow!

You can find more information about the series here!


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