Fart hearts in the clouds

What to do when your partner farts? Or worse, when you fart in bed?

I honestly thought several times if I should post this or not. I thought that this might be unpleasant for many people. But, on the other hand, it might also be funny for many people. And it’s time that we get over these tiny taboos in our lives!

So, here it goes:

Farting is the most normal thing in life, like eating and socializing. There are the good parts, mostly the relief, and the bad parts, mainly the smell, as everything else. So, let’s get over the bad parts!


I know that this topic might be a little eschatological, and I admit that inside the elevator it’s a little difficult to overcome the awkwardness. But, when it comes to love relationships, come on, let’s get over that.

So, here is a story that will change your view about farting – and it’s certainly a way to know that you love your partner! It’s a picture that will change your view on farting forever (for better, I hope).

There are those really intimate moments when you reach the top, right? Farting is one of them. When you fart freely it’s because you are intimate. Period.


I think I’m far over this taboo when it comes to relationships, and I’m gonna share how I got there with you. Get this picture:

You listen to his smooth fart in bed at night and you imagine the fart air going up like a cloud, and than, you fart, smoothly as well, with a similar sound, and you also imagine it going up like a cloud, and they both meet up in the air dancing together to form a heart shape.

heart fart

Enjoy the moment in which you imagine this.

It’s not always that one can visualize synchronized farts dancing in the air.

So, that’s the tip, when you can imagine your farts flowing up in a heart shape, that’s it. You got over the farting awkwardness in your relationship.


And if you do it together, I promise that it’s gonna be fun!

Ah, if you feel like sharing your experience, use the reply box below. We will be glad to know about it.


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