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Cheap and great findings in Edinburgh!

I have been to Edinburgh a couple of times. The first time planned, but the second not so much… The second time was last minute change of plans, and we didn’t know anything: where to sleep; where to eat… But in the end, everything went great… I even discovered one of my favourite Café’s!

Here I am gonna share with you a couple tips for Edinburgh…

Where to sleep:

Since it was a last minute plan, it was a bit difficult to find a place to stay in a reasonable price. Our option was to stay at a student accommodation dorm. During the breaks the universities can rent the free dorms to tourists. It is a good way to find unexpensive places to stay!

Image from

We stayed at Destiny Student – Murano (Campus Accommodation). As it is a student accommodation, you shouldn’t expect anything big! They have en-suit rooms with a pretty small double bed and a tiny bathroom (just enough!). But also free wi-fi, living area and laundry facility.

And the best thing is the kitchen! As we wanted to save money, we optioned to cook our own dinner. And, as it was vacation time – we were there in the end of July-, the kitchen was entirely to us (this will depend on when you go). There is a Sainsbury (shop) right around the corner, so this was a pretty easy way to save some money!

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 16.07.44
Getting there by bus. Image from Google

Oh, and everything was new and clean! The place is 20-30min walking from the Old City Centre, but there are several bus lines that you can take – as you can see above-, and a bus stop not so far away.

  • Address: 3-5 Amphion Lane, Leith, Edinburgh, EH7 5HH, United Kingdom
  • You can find this accommodation here on booking.

Where to eat:

Image from Google Street view

Another thing that is right around the corner – and the real reason for this post! – is one of my favourite café’s of all: Word of Mouth Café!

They are open since 2007 serving french/british food. The food quality is outstanding, and the variety is great: full breakfast; french plates; milkshakes; vegetarian options, etc. I totally approved the coffee, and I recommend that you try their eggs Benedict!

The price is fair, the many great options and the beautiful (and delicious) home bakings made us go back there every morning to try something new!

ATTENTION! The place is a bit small, their capacity is of 23 people and they can fit a group of 10 people tops! Also, you have to be patient at this place, when we were there (July 2016) there were only 2 people servingthe same ones that are preparing your meals! So it might take a while for them to take your order and you to be served. Well, I think this is totally ok. It is not so much waiting time, and the food quality makes it worth it!

Also, the environment is really nice, comfy, and on some evenings offer entertainment, such as poetry and film nights (you need to check it in advance). If it’s a nice sunny day you can takeout!

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 17.15.20
Image from Google
  • Address: 3A Albert Street | Leith, Edinburgh EH7 5HL, Scotland
  • Phone Number: +44 131 554 4344
  • They are open: Sunday – Monday, from 9am to 5pm!

They are on facebook!

I hope you enjoy your stay in Edinburgh 😉


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