Do it for yourself

How to clear your mind of those annoying everyday problems

So many things in mind!

There was no time for laundry… Someone will be disappointed that you didn’t do something… There was no time for grocery….Your partner is too enthusiastic about a new friend… Your mom was upset for not having lunch with you last Sunday….Your father tells you that you should do something better with your life… The kids are not going well at school…. Whatever is tormenting you…

So many things, so little time! Right?

frogs-1413727_1280 copy2

These things look silly or little, but they can take your sleep away.

Whatever your ‘little’ problems are, they drain your energy off, and in the end of the day your mind is so full, spinning around, unstoppable, that you can’t relax.

Don’t underestimate these things. We have to find ways to manage the anxiety or we will have a breakdown, sooner or later. 

Some people go to TV, others to music, others to drinking, many go to facebook.

Why do people find these things relaxing?

Because in one way or another, they take our attention out of our everyday problems and drive it somewhere else.

But after ‘the show’, either TV or some other option, you come back again to your little real problems and don’t feel renewed.

Meditation is one way to go and it really brings you back renewed, since it makes you focus on yourself. But if you are not there yet – because, let’s face it, it’s not easy to easy the mind – here is a tip:

Look at your toe.



Yes, look at your toe.

Don’t feel embarrassed. Look at your toe and think about it.

What do you feel? Do you feel pain? Does it feel anything at all?

Look at both of them.

Move your toe up and down. Feel the muscles of your toe. You can even touch your toe if you want to.

But think:

Do you like your toe? Do you like your nails? Why?

Do you find them round and cute? Squared and sharp?

Do you find your toes clean?

Would you like to like your toe? What could you do to like your toe?

Now imagine baby toes:


And, last but not least: what song do you remember with this word, ‘toe’?

I find this one very catching and the actor singing it is hilarious!

I hope this puts a smile on your face! 😀

Let’s us know if it did!

All the best for the next day. And if you feel ready to start meditating, check this post.


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