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A weekend there! The cutest village in Austria!

Where to go for a nice weekend around Vienna?

Do you want a place just for nice conversations and relaxing time to forget the worries?

Take your partner, or a best friend, or someone that you just want to spend quality time with.
And… (spinning the luck wheel)

Kirchberg am Wechsel is your destination!

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Kirchberg am Wechsel is one of the cutest villages in Austria, with many picturesque landscapes. It is kept by friendly people and it’s about one hour from Vienna, by car.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.37.39 PM

Google Maps

You can take nice walks on the path by the river, or explore the amazing landscapes around the city.

They have very nice eating options there. And accommodation is also great.

Here are the recommendations:

Gasthof Stiegen Wirt

For lunch (or dinner)


They have this delightful conservatory and the atmosphere is just perfect! On top of that, you can enjoy a wonderful Calzoni (On the menu as: Pizza Calzone), among other things.

They also offer cooking lessons from time to time. Isn’t that wonderful?  Just check their calendar for that.

* If you don’t understand a single word in german, you should check if they can communicate in English before subscribing for the cooking classes. Other than that, you should be fine! They are very friendly and understanding. No problems for not speaking their language!

Here is their website.

Their opening times for meals are:  Fridays and Saturdays from 9am to 10pm. Sundays and holidays from 8am to 9pm. But the kitchen usually closes one hour before closing time

Address: Markt 117, 2880 Kirchberg am Wechsel

If you like some adventure, don’t miss the Cavern! It’s called the Hermannshohle.

You are gonna have an amazing experience of geographic history!
And there is also a very nice short trail afterwards. I did this myself and I had a wonderful day! I also found it suitable for kids and elderly people.


Where to sleep?

Gasthof-Pension St. Wolfgang! There are more options around, but I’ve chosen this one for it’s lovely balcony and garden by the river. And they also have a very good kitchen there! Go for their special Fish, if you like it. The lovable Heidi, one of the managers of the place, comes to your table and takes the fishbones off, right in front of your eyes! Great technique!

* Heidi speaks English! 😉


The place is also walking distance from everything else in the city.

Here is their website:

Tip 1: If you are looking for a more reserved place, they have small apartments just out of town. The apartments have a nice kitchen, bathroom, laundry machine, dining area and one bedroom (I stayed in one of those for a week). Then, you can come to have breakfast (included) at the hotel in the city. I find this a great option if you wanna have to opportunity of cooking meals, or just the comfort of having your own kitchen.

Tip 2: Rent a bike at the Tourismusburo. Here is their website – you are gonna need the google translator if you don’t read german. But you can just go to the address below.

They also have electric bikes if you are not much into exercising. It’s very few effort and lots of fun! 😀

The Turismusburo, where you can rent bikes.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 4.52.52 PM

Google Maps – Markt 63  A – 2880 Kirchberg am Wechsel

Mamas e igreja

Other than that, just enjoy your time and explore the city!


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