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4 days Scotland road trip: #2 Portree

This is a series of Scotland road trip, if you wanna know more about Stirling, Loch Lomond, Kilchurn Castle, Glencoe and Fort William check the day #1 of this trip here – Oh, I also give you tips on car rental and costs on the first post, so you should definitely check it out 😉

We started the day in Fort William, where we had a lovely breakfast at the city centre, and we left the city around 9 am. At this time, there weren’t many shops or restaurants open yet.

TIP #1 You might wanna plan to do groceries before leaving the town – or whenever you find an open shop!

1. Glenfinnan viaduct

Our first stop was at the Glenfinnan viaduct. You might recognize this place from the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie (2002). 🙂

HP glenfinnan
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by Warner Bros

We went around, took a bunch of pictures… and we started noticing there were a lot of people gathering at this high spot on the other side of the viaduct coming from the parking lot. So, we decided to go there, and it didn’t take long for us to watch the train coming and crossing the viaduct!!!!


It was so exciting!!! – I guess if you are a Harry Potter fan (like me), this will be an amazing experience!  (You can actually be on that train, but I guess it is more exciting to watch it from the outside.)

After the train was gone, we went back to the car and continued the trip.

This was the most beautiful car ride!! The sun, the place. We had to stop so many times only to enjoy the view and take pictures of that amazing scenery… It was just incredible!

scotland day 2

2. Eilean Donan Castle

By the time we arrived at the Eilean Donan Castle, it was already cloudy. Proper Scottish weather! It is an impressive castle, the way it is surrounded by the water, and the crossing bridge above the loch. You feel like you’re in a fairy tale!

eilan donan castle

TIP #2 This is a touristic spot, so there were a lot of people around, which destroys a little bit of the place atmosphere. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit the Castle, it is gorgeous! But you can plan a short stop here.

Let’s continue to the greater and most expected part of this trip: The Isle of Skye!

3. Fairy Pools

Our first stop at the Isle of Skye was the Fairy Pools. There is a Fairy Pools car park, and from there you have a short trail until the pools. It is an easy and really pretty trail. Although the car park was full, when we arrived at the Fairy Pools the place were quite empty.

fairy pools lemonades of life

Oh, on our way there, the sky was cloudy again and there was this beautiful rainbow almost indicating the place! After spending sometime at the pools, the sky opened and let the sun shine on them. It was the most incredible and magical experience!

rainbow lemonades of life

There we took our time to enjoy and appreciate it. It’s not everyday that you have the chance to visit a magical place!

4. Portree

We ended up our day in Portreee, the biggest town on Skye – again, don’t fool yourself, it is still small!

Portree is a cute harbour town surrounded by cliffs. It’s a nice place, you can go for a short walk around it, or enjoy the landscape at a high spot. But, just randomly walking around in Portree is a very nice way to get to know it better!

Portree Lemonades of Life

Where to sleep?

We stayed at the Portree Independent Hostel. It is a cute hostel perfectly located in the town centre. As we were 5 people, we had our own room with 3 colourful bunks.

I loved this hostel because of its huge kitchen! The kitchen is fully equipped, and sometimes there is even some supplies left from people that didn’t use it all, such as milk or butter… So the next travelers can freely use it.

We went grocery shopping, and end up our day cooking a big fat dinner 😀 (remember to write your name on the food if you are gonna eat it the next day!)

Everything was clean, there were enough showers, and there was wifi everywhere.

We paid 19 pounds a night per person back then. It was the most expensive hostel of this trip, because the city is the main base for exploring the Isle, and there are fewer options for its remote location.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 08.22.24

This is the itinerary for day 2. It was a total of 160 miles and 3h50 of driving, plus the stops!!

Still 2 days to go…

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