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Are you a pair person?

What is a pair person?

A pair is a set of two things, right? A set of two things used together and considered kindly as a unit. Such as a pair of gloves, or a pair of shoes. One doesn’t make sense without the other.

We use ‘pair’ also to refer to a ‘couple’, a ‘partnership’, or two people that are somehow related and get together. Like when some birds live in pairs.

Now, what does it mean to be a pair person?

Being a pair person is part of your character.

Some people enjoy more spending time with groups, some people enjoy more spending time by themselves, and some people enjoy spending time in pairs. If you enjoy more to spend time with another person instead of in a group or by yourself, you are a pair person.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you don’t like to spend time with big groups, or with another two or three people, or even by yourself.

It’s like choosing between chocolate or ice cream or cake, choosing one of them most of the times doesn’t mean that you don’t like the others! It’s just that you have a favorite and this says something about your character.

A pair is not necessarily a romantic pair. It can be a friendship, or a relationship with a family member, or someone that you just care about, like an acquaintance or a coworker.

What are the advantages of doing activities in pairs?

Being in a pair allows you to pay undivided attention to the other, and respectively, to get undivided attention. Being in a pair allows you to get to know the other person deeper and to share more quality and intimate time.

Pair people are usually focused on caring for the other. Having too many people around makes it harder to do this. They like to do many activities with another person. The time they spend like this, regardless of the activity, is the most rewarding time for them. Also, they love getting into adventures in pairs.


Some people are pathologically pair persons. These are those people that, when in a group, don’t let you drive the attention off of them.

They stare you in the eyes while they are talking to you, and if someone else tries to enter the conversation there is this kind of tension going on. This person makes it difficult for you to look to the other person.


Pathological pair people are very energy draining. They need attention so much, that they don’t let the energy flow. They are afraid of loosing your attention, and get upset when you drive the attention away – even if it is to welcome a third person to the conversation.


It’s not easy to manage this kind of situation. And, in case you are intimate enough to talk about behavior,  it’s very difficult to let this person know what is her/his problem.

But, if this is a close friend of yours, there must be a way to get to her/him. Either by offering attention and asking what is the problem, or by mentioning that you have noticed that she/he is behaving a little different.

PAIR PERSONS stonesOther than that, pair persons are just as normal as all other people. It is just a matter of preference!

If you identify with this preference, pay attention to see if you are not toxic with other people, and if you are not demanding too much attention.

Other than that, being aware of our preferences is a great means for getting deeper self knowledge. It allows us to manage our lives better by making decisions more easily.

I hope this can help your self understanding!

That’s it for today!

All the Best,



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