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Watercoloring Life

Among the many things one can do to relax, watercoloring is certainly one of the top choices. It’s a great means to find your peace and enjoy the simple things in life!

Watching the colors flowing to the wet areas of the paper is a mesmerizing pleasure!

You can either just do it for the sake of it, or you can THANK YOU LEMONADES OF LIFE.jpgtake the opportunity to paint some nice flowers, or letters, or even simple motives that can add that special tone to a handmade card or gift. You can also paint some patterns for using them as custom wallpapers and even give them as special gifts that you can send on line.  😉

Noteworthy: If you are in a LDR, this is a good tip to surprise your love with!

To start, you are gonna need:

  • Watercolor paper
  • Soft and round (preferably) brushes
  • A small set of watercolor paints (it can be smaller than the one in the picture)
  • Water
  • A flat white plate to mix up your paint




Just start mixing up water and paint and run some tests on your paper.

Tip 1: tape your paper on a flat surface to avoid it to wrinkle.

If you are an absolute beginner, here is a good (a little long) video for a first try out with the brushes.

If you are gonna buy your first brushes, pick:

  • 1 Round no. 10 or 08.
  • 1 Flat 3/4 or 1/5

according to Mr. Otter Art Studio.

Now, for your first adventures, check this cute channel ! One can also just watch and relax while seeing Jay Lee painting or, of course, get totally inspired by his work!



I suggest watching a LVL1 video to inspire your first paintings. I took this one – below. It’s a LVL2 – and I’ve got a quite different result, since I’m a little rebel when it comes to following instructions. But that’s the whole fun of it right? Having the space where you can just do whatever you want!


WATERCOLOR LEMONADES OF LIFE FLOWERS copyHere is what I’ve got with my rebellious attitude….

Not that bad!

Now, tips:

Tip 2: Let it dry.

Tip 3: Let it dry!

Tip 4: Let it dry!! Not letting you paint dry before adding another color will mix them all up! This prevents you from having some nice results such as layers of shades. The colors get all together when the paper is still wet. Make a few attempts just testing brushes and colors before actually investing on a motive.

Tip 5: You can use a hairdryer!

Tip 6: When you use a paper towel, it will soak the paint together with the water. (This might de a good way to make clouds).

Tip 7: Having a dropper is useful to have control when mixing the paint with water.


Here are another 3 very nice youtube channels that it’s totally worth it checking out!!



Anna Mason has her own style of watercoloring. She is a self-tough painter and she has a very precise technique. It is incredible!!




Mr. Otter Studio has many nice videos for a beginner to go further and discover several watercolor techniques! Dive in!




Coco Bee Art is a very artistic channel and it’s very inspiring if you wanna get to the next level!! It’s amazing!



Just don’t forget to relax and enjoy!!


So, last but not least, for those moments that you take the time for yourself to enjoy the colors and how the water flows, here is some relaxing music in addition:



All the best for today!



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