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4 days Scotland road trip: #3 Inverness

This is a series of posts about a Scotland 4 days road trip and you are reading day 3. If you arrived here now, you might want to check the first two days of this trip:

#1 Fort William

#2 Portree.

Check the map itinerary at the end. We start our day in Portree, which is located at the Isle of Skye – perharps one of the most beautiful places in Scotland! As we already did groceries the night before, we had a quick breakfast at the hostel and took the morning for a nice strool at:

1. Old Man of Storr

We parked the car somewhere by the main road and walked all the way to the Old Man of Storr at the Trotternish Ridge area. It is a landmark for it’s dramatic rock formations. You can climb it – the walk is 3.8 km and it’s classified as medium difficulty -, but it was a really rainy day and we only watched it from far.


TIP#1. If possible, check the weather a couple days before you do the trip. The Scotish weather can change very quickly and taking this trip in better weather conditions is always a plus! Also, there’s a carpark for the Old man of Storr, but it fills up quickly!


Although the weather looked bad, it was really exciting to walk into the clouds! But you definitely need good shoes and some waterproof clothes!

2. Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls

Our next stop was the Kilt Rock, still in Skye. I can say Scotland is the perfect place for a breathtaking roadtrip! We could easily access everything with the car, sometimes we had a little stroll, but all really easy.


You can understand the inconstancy of weather by the pictures! The picture above from the viewpoint shows the cliff on the back, which is called Kilt Rock because of its shape like a Scotish kilt; and the Mealt falls in the foreground – incredible!

The entire scenery of this trip is amazing!

3. Quiraing

Following up on this beautiful roadtrip we continued to Quiraing. This is the most spectacular place! I guess this is the place that summarizes Scotland landscape for me, from here you have a pretty good view of the mountains and cliffs meeting valleys and lochs. If you Google “Scotland landscape”, you get a picture from Quiraing.


We took so many pictures here!!! If you have more time and disposition, do make sure to add a hill-walk in Quiraing to your itinerary!

TIP#2. Pay attention to the road! There might have some cute and naïve sheep crossing it! There is also a carpark here, and it was easier to find a park spot this time!

4. Fairy Glen

Still in Skye, we followed to the Fairy Glen! If you thought that the day 2 was the only magical day of this trip, you are mistaken. The fairies are back again! I had the most magical walk through the Fairy Glen… You feel like you are in a fairytale! Such a beautiful and magical place! I really recommend you to explore the place and go on your own search for fairies! 😉


TIP#3. We are in the middle of nowhere here. So make sure you pack some snacks and water for the road!

This is me from the back seat, so ignore the car 😉

We had a stunning drive via A890 and A835 until our last stop. I recommend you to take a lot of cds so you can enjoy the scenery. We were listening to Michael McGoldrick on the background, just perfect for this trip!

Check out this youtube playlist for Scotland roadtrip!

5. Inverness

At last, we arrived in Inverness when it was already dark. This is the capital of the Highlands, with one quarter of its population. The landmark here is the Inverness Castle by the Ness River! It’s a pretty and rich city and, as you can imagine, there’s no problem finding food and where to sleep here!

Inverness Castle. Credit: European Best Destinations

Where to sleep?

We stayed at the Tourist Hostel (or Backpackers Hostel) paying the cheapest price of this trip: £11.50 per person. However, my experience back in 2015 wasn’t the best – it can have changed since then-, but based on my experience I don’t recommend this hostel. It’s not entirely bad, but it was dodgy and it wasn’t clean. I had problems sleeping because of the dust that blocked my nose.

I can’t actually recommend any other place, since I haven’t experienced other hostels in Inverness. But, I had great experiences with Youth Hostel – a charity Hostel- in other places, and there is an Inverness Youth Hostel, so you might want to check it out!

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.09.43

Day 3 total itinerary: 178 miles, 4:45 hours driving, plus breaks.

Have a great and safe trip!!

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