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Finding the meaning of life in a jar!

No matter if you have a lot or a little space, grab the meaning of life in a jar with amazing Terrariums and make your home nicer and cozier.


If you haven’t seen it yet, scents create unique experiences and bring us immediately to emotions. They can be incredible for making your home cozy and welcoming!


*spoiler: terrariums with scents below

But another way to bring a lot of character, coziness and meaning to your place, is putting up some life there! Yes, living things unconsciously remind us of our ephemeral existence and constantly send us the message: enjoy your time, be thankful for your life and cheer your existence, for life is beautiful!

That’s why we always enjoy seeing pictures of cute babies, puppies and nice flowers, because they are the biggest symbols of life and prosperity.

I know it’s not so easy to have a pet, and many people don’t like to take care of them. But, it doesn’t matter if you have a big or tiny place, there is always a way to add some life in it and here is a great way to do it: Terrariums.

Either if you have a big space, a house, an apartment, or even in a small room, terrariums are the best means to grab the meaning of life in a jar and have it there, in a glass, for us to observe and enjoy it!

COZY HOME LEMONADES OF LIFEIf you will look for one, go for the ones with succulents, for they are way more resistant and you can usually save them before they die. You can observe if they need more water or more light and rescue them in time. The only risk is drowning them! So, don’t water it frequently. Once a week is fine!

You can also find closed terrariums that don’t need any watering. The plants live from the water that is already inside the jar.


Now, if you are in the DIY mood, I’ll give you ideas and the headlines on how to make them here (below). There are also thousands of detailed instructions you can find on line. Specially on Pinterest.

A great idea is making small terrariums and giving them as a gift to your loved ones. Either on a special day like Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s day, Valentines and so on, or just to remind your besties that they are special to you. 😉

Here are some pictures:

The cutest version of a terrarium is made in drinking glasses! Yes, it’s that easy!

You can either go with tiny foliages or succulents. The succulents (on the right) need way less water and this might be a good call if you don’t have time to care for them. They can live more than a week without watering.

#Tip 1: Add a treat to your terrarium, a cinnamon can resemble a tiny bench, a fake mushroom gives a touch of magic and tiny stones add to the decor! Isn’t it cute?

You can also go for a bold choice if you wanna send a special message:

Wine glasses Terrariums! What about that? Isn’t it awesome?


These ones are with foliages, but succulents might be a better call if you have no clue about the amount of light and water plants need.

And if you have the time and space to go for bigger options, here is a very nice one made in a regular round aquarium.


This one has the seating cinnamon for fairies, naturally striped stones and a built in tiny ceramic vase! So cute! 😉

Last year I made a production line and gave them as gifts to all my aunts! I don’t have to say that they loved them, right?


Not mentioning that it is so therapeutical to handle soil, plants and stones! You get to feel the Earth and take that wonderful energy that it comes from it!

So, let’s go for the recipe:

You will need:

  1. a recipient
  2. 3 sizes os stones (or 2 if you go for the small recipients)
  3. charcoal
  4. soil
  5. plants
  6. decor


Layer the stones carefully starting with the biggest one. The smallest one is supposed to create a barrier for the soil not to go down when you pour water in it. So, if you go with the smaller vases, take the two smaller stones, and leave the big ones off. All the layers of stones are supposed to take 1/3 of your recipient.

Add a layer of charcoal, mostly in the center, so it doesn’t appear through the glass. The Charcoal is supposed to minimize organic residues and avoid the roots to rot. Since Terrariums don’t drain water, extra humidity might be bad.

Add soil. The soil should take 1/3 of your recipient.

And finally the plants and decor.

#Tip 2: Many people advise to add a layer of moss after the charcoal to avoid the soil to go down. I didn’t do that because I had fine grained stones and it worked well. A layer of moss may hold more humidity, so, if you go for succulents, I would avoid that, but foliages must like it.

Terrariums can last for more than a year if they get the right amount of light and water. At some point you will have to replant it, for the recipient starts to get small for the plants. But with succulents this should take a while.

Here is how the terrarium above looks like after 5 months.

Isn’t it great? 🙂

Now here is the best idea of all!!!


Do you see this little glass semi buried with a cork in front of the red mushroom?

And the wooden sticks with a bow?

That is it! A terrarium with an aroma diffuser!

Check this post for recipes of diffusers.

This one had a smell of lavender, but any herbal scent should be splendid in the terrarium! When you get close to look at the plans, you feel that special smell and it’s so magic!!

Here is one with succulents and an energizing cristal. Here you see it better how the glass is semi buried and the liquid inside.


# Tip 1: If you are gonna make this scented version, let the scent glass ready to be semi buried with the liquid already inside. Since the scent liquid has rubbing alcohol, the liquid cannot touch the soil nor the plants. So, the lid can only be taken off when the terrarium is stable. Than you add the sticks.

#Tip 2: Careful not to overfill your glass because when you put the sticks in the glass, the liquid raises.

And, last but not least.

My masterpiece!


All the best for today!



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