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4 days Scotland road-trip: #4 Back to Edinburgh

Are you planning your next trip to Scotland? Check out this series of posts about a 4 days road-trip through the most fascinating places in the North (…of the UK).

4 days road trip Scotland

This is the total itinerary of our 4 days (not all stops are included in this map!).

(obs. The daily itinerary of the trip is always in the end of each post!)

Day #1 we start in Edinburgh and go all the way to Fort William;

Second day is one of the most magical days ending up in Portree

And day #3 we continue in the Isle of Skye and we end up where we started day #4: Inverness (check out day 3 for tips on the city!)

1. Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle

Not far away from Inverness, Loch Ness is a beautiful and indispensable stop!! We visited Loch Ness at sunset the day before, that’s how I got this amazing picture. It’s half an hour by car, and the view is stunning! We couldn’t see the monster though, but still the visit was totally worth it!

loch ness - lemonades of life

In the middle of the Loch there’s the Urquhart Castle, it played an important role in Scotland’s history during 13th to 17th century seeing several battles. The ruins of the castle sitting by the Loch give the final touch to this incredible landmark owned by Nessy.

Urquhart Castle

2. Fort George

After going south-west of Inverness to Loch Ness, we went north-east to Fort George – it’s also pretty close to Inverness (30 mins by car), so you can choose which one you want to do first.

I’ve been to some fortresses before in my life, but nothing as impressive as this one!! I was quite astonished by the size of it and how it incredibly blends into the landscape!

Fort George

The original fortress was built in the 18th century to promote peace in the Highlands. The current star-shaped fortress was never attacked, still serving as a military base yet open to the public. You can find a café and toilets here!

fort george
Image from The Press and Journal UK

We didn’t pay anything, so we could only visit the first part of the Fort, which was already amazing! But I think it’s worth to spend some time here to explore it further!

TIP#1 Check here for more information on the opening times, ticket prices vary from £9 adult and £5.40 children.

3. Loch an Eilein

On our way back to Edinburgh there’s the Cairngorms National Park, the largest national park in Britain. As the sun was shining we decided to give our road-trip a break with a walk around Loch an Eilein at Rothiemurchus, close to Aviemore.

Here is the description and statistics of the Loch an Eilein walk.

It’s a beautiful 2 hour walk through the pine forest around the two Lochs (Loch Gamhna to the south), but you can cut the walk and just do a shorter track around the main one like we did.

Loch an Eilein

The most amazing thing of this walk is the ruined castle on a tiny island in Loch an Eilein. The castle looks so solitary and isolated from everything else, what also meant that some individuals of an endangered specie of eagle was able to survive on the island for a longer period of time – unfortunately today you cannot find the ospreys there anymore.


TIP#2 This is a great place to make a picnic! You may want to make a quick stop at Aviemore (the town just before Rothiemurchus) and buy some snacks!

4. Edinburgh

After stretching our legs, we went straight back to Edinburgh, which was a long and final car journey!

I love this city, and I would recommend if possible to add (at least) another day to your trip to explore it!

Check here where to stay in Edinburgh.


Scotland road trip day 4

The total itinerary for today was 220 miles and a total of 5 hours driving (without stops!).

Thank you so much for enjoying this journey with me,

I wish you a safe trip!

Ps. Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions about the trip on the comments below!! 😉


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