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30×31: How to revolutionize your life

More than ever before, in social media and talking to friends I’ve noticed an immense ammount of people suffering from anxiety. Comparisons and expectations create the most irrational worries. At the same time, we sit each day for hours at our computers, phones and pads; and at the end of the day, we all know the feeling of exhaustion and body tension.

I have it too. I’m 25 years old and before I started this challenge I was feeling a lot of pain in my back, having migraine almost every day and suffering from anxiety and low self-esteem.

So, I found a solution for us sharing this boat of anxiety and pain: 30 minutes for 31 days and I promise you’ll feel much better… Revolution Series of Yoga with Adriene.

If you don’t know Adriene, please read this post here!!!

I’ve done yoga in the past and I always loved ‘Yoga with Adriene’. So I knew that this challenge would help me release my tensions and help me out of those pains. But, it actually did so much more!

I kept a Journal over the course of the 31 days challenge, and I want to share with you some of the practices I loved the most and the changes I felt.

revolution adriene
Yoga with Adriene youtube channel

All the practices from the Revolution series are short, from 20-40mins, and are instructed for beginners to more advanced yogis to follow – that’s what makes this series perfect! The short videos keep you going everyday, if you have a busy schedule it won’t take much of your time. And the easy-to-follow instructions make it achievable for anyone. So… Let’s get to it!

Yoga Journal

On the second day of practice I already felt an improvement in my flexibility, the back pain was still there though. PRANA Practice (day 4) was more energetic. The night of day 4 I had cramps in my leg. The next day the migraine was back – because of that I decided to do day 6 in the easy mode, and I felt great to complete that day’s practice despite of it!

Find what feels good

– Adriene Mishler

That’s Adriene’s motto, and you should follow that in ever aspect of your life. Specially when doing exercises, pay attention to your body and don’t push yourself over the edge! I confess that I had a break during this challenge when I was feeling ill. It’s great to push yourself when you feel like a couch potato and don’t wanna move and end up feeling proud and successful after completing the practice; but if you feel like you need a break, it’s okay too!

On day 9 I tried the crow, but it was too fast, so I advise you to stop the video when you need more time on a pose. Every person struggles with different aspects of the practice; don’t quit, just take your time and keep practicing it.

The Align Practice (day 11) is perfect to focus on your posture, if you have problems with it, this is great to start your day with!

Just before I hit half the series, day 13, I felt way lighter in the body – not because I had lost weight, but because I could move without issue. I could pick up something that fell on the floor without feeling my legs muscles cracking; and I felt like dancing with my brand new body! I feel wonderful, this routine helped me a lot with my self-esteem!

Yoga Challenge

On day 16 I realized that practicing yoga every morning won’t help me out of my back aches; to be pain free, I need to maintain the posture awareness the entire day! However, the yoga routine reminds you everyday to look out for your posture during the day. Now I’m always looking out for my posture, remembering Adriene saying:

Head over heart, heart over pelvis

– Adriene Mishler

The following days started getting easier to come back to the practice, and a little sad that I’ve finished most of the practices already. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a headache.

Light Practice (day 19) is typical Adriene’s style; it’s a very free and nice practice – finding what feels good in every posture!

Two thirds complete from the series and you’re already in love with this woman, she makes the practice really fun – she’s always making jokes, singing and talking too much when you’re in that difficult pose and can’t wait to get out of it. You might think I’m weird, but I totally feel like me and Adriene are good friends.

Lot’s of love in, lot’s of love out

– Adriene Mishler

On day 28 (Heart Practice) you have some meditation practice. At this point I could already feel the benefits over my anxiety. Meditation is really hard when you’re anxious, and by now I feel an incredible increase of patience. I feel calmer on the inside, and more able to deal with stressful situations. I can control my feelings much better now!

More meditation tips here.

Finally I could keep on the crow pose for a minute on day 30, almost at the end – but that just emphasizes the importance to keep on practicing! It was an achievement, and I feel truly powerful!

crow pose

The last day Adriene doesn’t speak to you, the two of you (or more, if you’re doing this with friends) just do this practice together. By now you know the flows by heart, and it feels great! I know the vinyasa sequence forwards and backwards; it’s great when you’re travelling or hiking and don’t have a video to follow, or when you just wanna practice yoga alone.

Work WITH your body

– Adriene Mishler

I extremely encourage you to do the entire Revolution series; it was a great experience! And again, just do the practices in your own rythm and don’t push yourself too hard, the challenge here isn’t about improving your yoga poses, it’s about keeping a yoga routine that will surely make you feel the benefits in the end.

I could feel beneficial changes in my posture, moving with softness, but also in my personality, dealing with anxiety and stressful situations, gaining patience and confidence. Also, I feel in love with “challenges”; it’s great to have a routine and feel this changes over time! I keep you updated on the next “challenges” I do 😉

Lot’s of love,



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