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Hi there, we are Alice and BeatriceWe are Brazilians and were lucky to be born cousins! We were raised in the countryside and travelled to explore the world. We value true happiness and joy with our loved ones and we are certainly dreamers

The inspiration to create this blog came when we figured how much so many simple misunderstandings can arise from so unexpected things, and how much people struggle with the dichotomy ‘expectations vs. reality’.

Then, why not sharing tips and advices for others to improve their lives and emotions? Or, at least, provide some entertainment? This includes some tips on cooking, traveling, what to do FOR yourself and how to live good relationships.

Alice  is a philosopher. She had the opportunity to develop part of her studies in England and in the United States. She loves to dance and to write, not mentioning eating and sleeping! She is also a little tense and anxious sometimes.

Beatrice is a biologist. She studied in England for one year. She loves to travel, to eat good food, and she is madly in love with life. Sometimes she feels insecure and needs support, though!


Investing on the idea of making the blog in English is to keep and improve our English skills.  (So, if you find mistakes, feel free to correct us! We are glad to learn!)

lemon-lime-1269989_1920‘Lemonades of life’ came up when we were creating the conception of the blog and brainstorming about the features that we wanted to highlight with the name. The inspiration came from the saying:‘When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade’.

Our approach is to make the best out of our situation and tell you how we did it. We hope to inspire you to make the best out of your situations too.

Just be aware that this is not professional advice. We are helpless romantics just sharing our experiences as if they were recipes. They aren’t!

If you need professional support for your personal life please find a certified professional.

Other than that, we are happy to help with our ideas!! 


Our incredible images are our own or provided by: pixabay, pexels and markerstock. Thanks!

Last but not least: the content of this site (images, videos and texts) is free for sharing with attribution. This means that you can copy and distribute the content of this site without asking permission, as long as you set a link to the source. 😉