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Finding the meaning of life in a jar!

No matter if you have a lot or a little space, grab the meaning of life in a jar with amazing Terrariums and make your home nicer and cozier.

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Mother’s day! Last minute cards.

Sometimes life is so busy that when we realize it's already mother's day and we didn't even get a card! If this is your problem on this Sunday Morning, get this nice selection of free and easily accessible printables! šŸ˜‰ Ā (No subscriptions needed) We hope you enjoy this nice selection! Have a wonderful day! ;-)… Continue reading Mother’s day! Last minute cards.

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Watercoloring Life

Among the many things one can do to relax, watercoloring is certainly one of the top choices. It's a greatĀ means to find your peace and enjoy the simple things in life! Watching the colors flowing to the wet areas of the paper is a mesmerizing pleasure! You can either just do it for the sake… Continue reading Watercoloring Life

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How can you know if you really love him/her?

There are two sides of love: passion and will. You can have the feeling of love, the passion, even if you don't haveĀ the will. Follow me here... Iā€™ve heard many times that passion is one thing and love is something else. We can be passionate about someone, be in love, and nevertheless donā€™t manage living… Continue reading How can you know if you really love him/her?

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A weekend there! The cutest village in Austria!

Where to go for a nice weekend around Vienna? Do you want a place just for nice conversations and relaxing time to forget theĀ worries? Take your partner, or a best friend, or someone that you just want to spend quality time with. And... (spinning the luck wheel) Kirchberg am Wechsel isĀ your destination! Kirchberg am Wechsel… Continue reading A weekend there! The cutest village in Austria!