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Mother’s day! Last minute cards.

Sometimes life is so busy that when we realize it's already mother's day and we didn't even get a card! If this is your problem on this Sunday Morning, get this nice selection of free and easily accessible printables! 😉  (No subscriptions needed) We hope you enjoy this nice selection! Have a wonderful day! ;-)… Continue reading Mother’s day! Last minute cards.


5 Tips for a healthy Long Distance Relationship

If you are struggling in a LDR, this post will help you out! Here I give you 5 simple tips to keep your relationship healthy.

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How can you know if you really love him/her?

There are two sides of love: passion and will. You can have the feeling of love, the passion, even if you don't have the will. Follow me here... I’ve heard many times that passion is one thing and love is something else. We can be passionate about someone, be in love, and nevertheless don’t manage living… Continue reading How can you know if you really love him/her?